Dear All,
Greetings from KSF NCAA, hope you are all well keeping safe and observing the MOH Covid-19 social distance protocols.
The COVID-19 pandemic brought about lockdown in Kenya in mid-March 2020, resulting in temporary closure of businesses and sports activity in the country. As the Government of Kenya gradually eases lockdown restrictions and puts in place measures to combat the spread of the pandemic, KSF Nairobi County Aquatics Association has put in place guidelines/protocols to restart training activities and get our swimmers back in the pool.
Following MOH/MOS/GOK guideline KSF Nairobi County Aquatics Association has created this document as a guide to our team/clubs to operate in the post-COVID19 environment, with the public’s health and safety as top priority.
The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the US states confirmed that there is no evidence that the virus spreads through the water in swimming pools as long as the operations of the swimming is maintained with the correct disinfectant levels with chlorine or bromine. CDC further suggests that maintaining these levels will inactivate the COVID-19 virus. With the above as a supporting fact, this document outlines preventive strategies including preparation for resumption, social distancing for our clients, coaches, and other team members.
These guidelines have been prepared for club/team officials, club/team coaches, parents, facility owners and swimmers. While some of the guidelines may be useful in the resumption in the learn to swim program, it’s upon the club/team to take full responsibility.
This document is intended as a guideline only. KSF NCAA has taken all care in the preparation of these guidelines/protocols, KSF NCAA, its officials have not and cannot make any representation or warranty that relying on this guide will ensure the health and safety of participants in club, venue or swimming activities. Neither KSF NCAA or its officials are liable to users of this guide for any loss or damage however caused resulting from the use of this guide, nor do they accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the information or your reliance upon it.
Attached find the KSF Nairobi County Aquatics Association proposed 2020 swimming training resumption guidelines/protocols. The guidelines must be considered against our remit as a county governing body for the support of swimming, with the key focus on club, team/competitive swimming upcoming and elite athlete’s programs.
The guidelines are also subject to approval/change by the MOS/MOH.
Yours Sincerely
Kenneth Karani – Hon Secretary

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